Validating a Custom Footprint

PartQuest Portal Subscription: Essential or Professional

You use the Validate page of the Footprint Creator wizard to view the custom footprint calculated for a particular target design density of a PartQuest Portal part.

The left panel displays a summary of the footprint such as the compatible manufacturing processes, solder mask clearance, and stencil thickness allowed.

The right panel displays a top-down, two-dimensional (2D) preview of the package superimposed onto the footprint.


  • You have logged into the PartQuest Portal website with your Siemens account. See Signing In to the PartQuest Portal Application

  • You have successfully defined the terminal numbering pattern of the footprint in the Details page of the Footprint Creator wizard.


  1. (Optional) Choose a density from the Target Design Density dropdown list.

    The wizard updates 2D package preview with a footprint variation that satisfies the target design density you selected. The PartQuest part or footprint download includes all target design density variations of the footprint.


    Click the information icon () to display a cross reference to the IPC standard that defines target design density.

  2. (Optional) Review the footprints created for each target design density.

    The footprint elements of the 2D package preview are color-coded as shown in Table 1.

    Table 1. Footprint Color Key




    Solder mask

    Light gray




    Bright yellow

    Assembly outline



    Dull yellow

    Placement outline

    Red outline

    Terminal contact area

    Blue outline

    First terminal indicator

    Dotted red or blue outline

    Indicates one of the following:

    • If the terminal does not include a terminal number, indicates a deleted terminal.

    • If the terminal includes a terminal number, indicates a missing terminal.

  3. Review the manufacturing processes compatible with the part.
  4. If you are finished reviewing the footprint, click Return to Search or click the Package Outline, Terminals, or Details link at the top of the page to edit the package specification.