Subscribing to a PartQuest Portal Plan

You can subscribe to a PartQuest Portal subscription plan from the Siemens PLM Store.


A Help topic subheading: PartQuest Portal Subscription: plan list the subscription plan(s) required to enable the Portal capability.


  • Your browser is set to accept cookies from the Siemens website and PartQuest Portal application (

  • You have a Siemens account.


    You can create an account by clicking Create Account in the upper-right corner of the home page and following the Register tab prompts.


  1. From a browser, navigate to the PartQuest Portal website (
  2. From the home page, scroll to the Subscriptions section.

    Each subscription plan appears as a tile.

  3. Click the Subscribe button of any PartQuest Portal subscription plan.

    The PartQuest Portal page of the Siemens PLM Store appears.

  4. Locate a subscription plan and then click the Learn More button.
    The description page for the subscription plan appears.
  5. Follow the instructions to purchase the subscription plan.