Signing In to the PartQuest Portal Application

Signing in to the PartQuest Portal application with your Siemens account gives you access to all of the capabilities of your active licenses.


  • Your browser is set to accept cookies from the PartQuest Portal application (

  • You have a Siemens account.


    You can create an account by clicking Create Account in the upper-right corner of the home page and following the Register tab prompts.


  1. From a browser, navigate to the PartQuest Portal application (
  2. Click Login in the upper-right corner.

    If you have closed your browser since you previously logged out of the application, the next time you access the sign-in page appears. If this is the same browsing session since your last sign-out, you are automatically signed in without needing to re-enter your sign-in credentials.

  3. From the Sign In tab of the sign-in page, type your Siemens account username and password, and then click the Sign In button.

    In the upper-right corner, the Login button is replaced by the Welcome your_name menu.

  4. (Optional) If it’s the first time you have signed in to the application, the Select Tool dialog box appears. Select the Siemens EDA tool and release number of the tool you are using.

    You can change the tool and release number later.


The Portal application authenticates your email and password, and then the Home page appears in the default browser.