Requesting a Symbol and Footprint For a Part

PartQuest Portal Subscription: Essential or Professional

You may request EDA data (symbol/footprint) for a part from SamacSys, a developer of PCB library content. The part creation service turn around time is generally 24 hours.

You can determine whether a part has a EDA data when you view a part short description in a list of parts. If a part short description does not display the symbol icon and/or the footprint icon, a symbol/footprint is not available to download with the part.



  1. From a part short description, click the More button to expand the part description.
  2. Click the Request button.

    The Request Data Creation dialog box displays.

  3. Enter the number of terminals for this part, and then click the Submit Request button.

    The dialog box displays a message informing you that the request has been noted. An email will be sent to you when the symbol/footprint is ready for download from SamacSys.

  4. Click the Close button.