Symbol Information Display

PartQuest Portal Subscription: Essential or Professional

The PartQuest Portal application displays custom symbol information in the My Symbols page. You can edit a symbol, download a symbol, or delete a symbol, by clicking links in the symbol description.

Symbol Description

You can customize the symbol description to choose which details you want to display, the display sort, or you can perform a number of actions on the selected symbol. Numbered callouts in the following figure corresponds to matching descriptions in Table 1.

Table 1. Symbol Description Items




Displays the number of displayed symbols and total number of symbols.


Check “Show content associated to Part(s)” to include symbols that are associated with a part.


Displays an image of the symbol.


Symbol information fields display the value of a symbol characteristic.

You can select a range of rows by clicking a row and then Shift-clicking another row. You can select a set of rows by clicking individual rows. Selected rows are shaded with a light blue background.


Click either Select All or Select None to control the selection/deselection of the symbols in the list.


Click Download or Delete to execute a batch operation on all of the selected symbol(s). Items 8 and 9 do the same operations, but are limited to one footprint at a time.


Edit button () — When clicked, opens the selected symbol in the Symbol Creator tool.


Download button () — When clicked, downloads the selected symbol as an EDX package file (.edx).

For more information on importing part data into a library, search for “EDX package” and “PartQuest” in your data management tool’s online help and documentation. For information on adding PartQuest Portal parts to a project, search for “PartQuest” in your design entry tool’s online help and documentation.



You cannot undo a delete action.

Delete button () — When clicked, displays the Delete Symbol(s) popup window with the name of the symbol to be deleted. Click Yes to proceed.

1 The symbol/footprint supplier limits the number of symbol and footprint downloads per day to 200 symbols and footprints in a 24 hour period. The supplier provides 3D models with many discrete parts. Downloading a symbol, footprint, and 3D model (when available) constitutes 1 download in the 200 daily limit.