Introduction to the PartQuest Portal

The PartQuest Portal application is a subscription-based solution with a variety of part research, creation, and management features that integrate with Xpedition® and PADS® authoring tools.

The PartQuest Portal Community subscription enables you to do the following:

  • Research parts from the Digi-Key component catalog using parametric search

  • Download symbol and footprint information for a part

  • Download component information provided by part manufacturers and Digi-Key

  • Get help from a member of the PartQuest Portal support team by using a chat session, which you initiate from the website by clicking the following button:

In addition to what a Community subscription enables, the PartQuest Portal Essential subscription enables you to do the following:

  • Create project folders to organize parts

  • Create a custom symbol and footprint for a part

  • Request a symbol and footprint from the part creation service

For system requirements and release note information, see the following topics in the PartQuest Portal Release Highlights manual:

Visit the online PartQuest Communities for discussion forums, additional documentation, and how-to videos.

The following topics can help you get started with the PartQuest Portal application: