Introduction to the PartQuest Tool

PartQuest Tool Getting Started Videos

Logging Into the PartQuest Website With a Siemens Account

Set Up Your PartQuest Tool Profile

Setting Your Part Data Download Method

Configuring User Partitions

Mapping Digi-Key Property Names

Changing Your Default Flow and Version

Configuring PartQuest Symbol Creator Settings

Find and Download Digi-Key Parts

Searching for Parts With the PartQuest Tool

Downloading and Accessing Part Data

Part and Project Management

Saving and Accessing Favorite Parts

Saving Parts to a PartQuest Tool Project

Viewing and Managing PartQuest Tool Projects

Creating and Editing a Custom Part

Symbol Management

Choosing Your Symbol Creation Method

Creating a Custom Rectangular Symbol

Creating a Custom Symbol Using a Standard Symbol

Example of Creating a Symbol Using a Standard Symbol

Mapping a Symbol to a Part/Package

Requesting a Symbol for a Part

Footprint Management

Creating and Editing a Custom Footprint

Specifying the Package Outline

Specifying Terminals

Specifying Terminal Numbering and Package Material

Validating a Custom Footprint

Custom Footprint Examples

Example of Creating a Disk Button Package Footprint

Example of Creating a Flatpack Package Footprint With a Thermal Pad

Example of Creating a Flatpack Package With Multi-Terminal Groups

Example of Creating a Dual In-Line Package Footprint


CSV File Headers and Values

Created Part Information Display

Footprint Information Display

Part Information Display

Symbol Information Display

Terminal(Pin) Properties