Introduction to the PartQuest Portal


Signing In to the PartQuest Portal Application

Subscribing to a PartQuest Portal Plan

Subscription Manager

Starting the Subscription Manager

Assigning, Modifying, and Unassigning PartQuest Portal Licenses

Set Up Your PartQuest Portal Profile

Configuring User Partitions

Mapping Digi-Key Property Names

Changing Your Default Flow and Version

Configuring Symbol Creator Tool Settings

Find and Download Parts

Searching for Parts

Downloading and Accessing Part Data

Part and Project Management

Saving and Accessing Favorite Parts

Saving Parts to a Project

Viewing and Managing Projects

Creating and Editing a Custom Part

Requesting a Symbol and Footprint For a Part

Symbol Management

Choosing Your Symbol Creation Method

Creating a Custom Rectangular Symbol

Creating a Custom Symbol Using a Standard Symbol

Example of Creating a Custom Symbol Using a Standard Symbol

Mapping a Symbol to a Part/Package

Footprint Management

Creating and Editing a Custom Footprint

Specifying the Package Outline

Specifying Terminals

Specifying Terminal Numbering and Package Material

Validating a Custom Footprint

Custom Footprint Examples

Example of Creating a Disk Button Package Footprint

Example of Creating a Flatpack Package Footprint With a Thermal Pad

Example of Creating a Flatpack Package Using Terminal Groups

Example of Creating a Dual In-Line Package Footprint


Created Part Information Display

Footprint Information Display

Part Information Display

Symbol Information Display

CSV File Headers and Values

Terminal(Pin) Properties