PartQuest Portal Release Highlights Summary

The following release highlights provide a summary of changes to the PartQuest Portal.


  • PartQuest has been rebranded PartQuest Portal (

  • New Essential subscription tier released. All users of PartQuest Portal automatically provided trial access to Essential until 30-November-2021.

  • New eCAD model content added to PartQuest Vault. There is now content for > 1 Billion parts.


  • Embedded Chat messenger via Intercom for digital outreach and support.

  • PartQuest Vault is launched with 1M+ high quality Mentor generated Parts.

  • Create Part functionality is enhanced with sorting and parametric filtering capability.

  • Significant improvement in usability including modals.

  • Usability and Performance improvements including Drag & Drop (< 2 secs).

  • Ability to delete unwanted or obsolete content.

  • Return to Last Search after exiting Builders.

  • Access to Standards is made much easier.


  • Direct Access to the Builders from the PQ Home page.

  • Multiple Parts, Parametric Data and 3D content is merged to a single downloadable file.

  • Drag & Drop capabilities into Search window within Designer

  • PartQuest becomes Flow Agnostic. PartQuest Integration Utilities are no longer necessary.

  • Parametric search capability for all Footprints and Symbols.

  • Added Create Part (used when part not available from Digi-Key), Create Orphan Symbol and Create Footprint, with user defined naming capability.

  • Standard Symbols is enhanced to include compound symbols with rotation and property placement controls.

  • User can create multiple “Project Folders” and organize their parts by projects. This is a best practice process that enables ease of bulk downloads to the library tools.

  • EDA content goes to “PartQuest” partition while parametric data goes to the partition of user’s choice.

  • Default exclusion of standard letters for grid numbering