No PDF Bookcase Level Search on Linux

Mentor PDF-only documentation trees on Linux have limited search capabilities if you are not using Adobe Reader.


  • Search of the complete PDF-only documentation tree is not an option for PDF viewers other than Adobe Reader.

  • Adobe Reader v9.5.5 is not present on the Linux system and cannot be downloaded from Adobe.


Adobe Reader for Linux is no longer available from Adobe. Third-party PDF viewers cannot use the PDF search index available with Adobe Reader. Contact Adobe for additional information and options for Adobe Reader for Linux.


You can access and search all manuals in your release from Mentor Support Center ( If you have limited or no access to the Internet, or you do not have a Support Center account, you can choose one or both of the following:

  • Copy the documentation tree to a Windows OS location and use the PDF search index accessible with Adobe Reader for Windows.

  • Install a third-party PDF viewer so that you can view the PDF files and perform single document searches. (Adobe Reader for Linux is no longer available from Adobe Corporation.)