Internet Explorer Active Content Error

By default, Microsoft chooses to have Internet Explorer block all Active Content from running in HTML documents located on your local file system. This prevents JavaScript from running and results in the content being displayed in “compatibility mode” for InfoHub and HTML documents.


There are three solutions for solving this error.

Temporarily Fixing the issue within Internet Explorer

  1. An information bar appears that let you chose to temporarily allow the blocked content.

  2. Click Allow.

Fixing the Issue within Internet Explorer

  1. Choose Tools> Internet Options.

  2. Select the Advanced tab.

  3. Scroll down to the Security section, select “Allow active content to run in files on My Computer”.

  4. Click OK.

Changing Your Default Browser

This is not an issue for Chrome or Firefox users. You can also change the default browser to Firefox or Chrome for use with just Mentor documentation. Refer to “Documentation Options”.

Hosting Documentation Instead of Changing Security Settings

If you do not want to change the security settings for the active content on your computer, you can alternately host the documentation on an internal web-server. Refer to “Hosting Documentation on an Internal HTTP Server”.