Compatibility Mode for InfoHub and HTML Documents

The Siemens Software and Mentor Documentation System uses JavaScript for browsing and searching HTML documentation. If you are seeing the “compatibility mode” note at the top of the InfoHub or your help topic, then JavaScript is currently disabled in your browser and needs to be enabled if you want to use the full capabilities of the documentation system.


When using the InfoHub in compatibility mode, you have basic navigation and no search, as shown in Figure 1. The HTML documents have basic navigation, as shown in Figure 2. Also, the hyperlinks within documents do not function.

Figure 1. InfoHub in Compatibility Mode

Figure 2. HTML Document in Compatibility Mode


There are two solutions for solving this error.

Fixing Within the Browser

Enable JavaScript in your browser. Refer to “Browser Settings”.

Hosting Documentation Instead of Changing JavaScript Settings

If you do not want to change the JavaScript settings on your computer, you can alternately host the documentation on an internal web-server. Refer to “Hosting Documentation on an Internal HTTP Server”.