Broken PDF Links in Documentation

Due to enhanced security restrictions in web browser plug-ins for viewing PDF files, manual-to-manual links, and some internal links do not resolve. Clicking a link may result in no action, or it may load the title page of the current PDF manual (instead of the intended target in the PDF manual). The unresolved link behavior occurs in all web browsers on Windows® and Linux®1platforms. Because of this behavior, the navigational experience of PDF manuals is compromised. PDF is still ideal for printing because of its page-oriented layout.


For a fully-functional and superior navigational experience, use the HTML manuals. The HTML interface for Siemens Software and Mentor documentation is designed for effective navigation to help you quickly find what you need. Use the HTML manuals to search for topics, navigate between topics, and click links to examples, videos, reference material, and other related technical content. HTML manuals are superior to PDF manuals for web-based search and navigation.

You can also use a PDF Viewer, like Adobe Reader, to navigate to the install_location/docs/pdfdocs directory and view the PDF files directly. Note that you do not have documentation tree level search while using this method.

1 Linux® is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries.