Pointing to a Common customer.js File

If you have many Windows, Linux, or UNIX installations of a Siemens software tree and want to use the same custom tab for all the software trees, you can define a common customer.js file. This method enables you to edit one version of the customer.js file for all your Siemens software trees.


Due to browser security restrictions, you can no longer use a file path to reference a common customer.js file. You must have that common customer.js file reside on a web server that can be referenced through a URL.


  • Before defining a reference to a common customer.js file, ensure you have followed the instructions in “Creating a Custom Page” to create the contents of the common customer.js file that will be referenced by all the trees.


  1. Copy the customer.js file to an internal network web server location that is accessible to all the software trees. This location must be accessible through a URL. You may also want to change its name to “<release_name>_customer.js” to help differentiate it from other files for other releases. Remember that this is the main, common customer.js file.
  2. Create a new pointer customer.js file that will be placed into each of your installed software trees. The purpose of this customer.js file is to point to the common customer.js file you placed in the common location.
    1. Log in as administrator.
    2. Copy the customer_orig.js file to a new file named, customer.js.
  3. Open this new customer.js file in a text editor (Windows format).
  4. Change the value of IHTab_Custom.fVisible function to “true”.
  5. Change the value of the IHTab_Custom.fSetTitle function to match the tab display name in the common customer.js file you are referencing.
  6. Remove all of the code between lines 38 and 60 that defines individual entries.
  7. Uncomment and define the URL to the common customer.js file to use within the custom tab of the InfoHub by changing the value of the SetCustomerJS() function.
    SetCustomerJS( "http://web_server/path/customer.js" );
  8. Save the customer.js file (the pointer file) and copy it to each of the installed Mentor Graphics software trees that you want to use your common release_name_customer.js file.
  9. Now you can make edits in the common customer.js file, and users will see the change in the content of the custom tab of each InfoHub that points to it.