Creating a Custom Page

If you are creating a web page on the custom tab within the InfoHub, you can create links to your PDF or HTML content. These links can be individual links or grouped within list boxes that use the same data format that is used in the other areas of the InfoHub.

All of these customizations are stored in a customer.js file in your documentation tree. You can also create one customer.js file that is referenced from all software trees that need the same custom tab content.


Due to browser security restrictions, you can no longer embed and display a web page within the Custom Info tab area. You can still add specific URL links with the Custom Info tab for quick access to pertinent information.


An administrator login is required to copy the resulting file to other computers.


  1. Navigate to the location in the software tree that contains the InfoHub, using your appropriate OS command. Change directories to one of these locations (dependent on your software):
    • <path_to_software_tree>/docs/infohubs/mgc_ih/js

    • <path_to_software_tree>/doc/infohubs/mgc_ih/js

    • <path_to_software_tree>/shared/infohubs/mgc_ih/js

  2. With administrator login, copy the customer_orig.js file to a new file named, customer.js.

    By copying this file to a new name, you preserve the software tree and ensure that your customizations will not get overwritten if you install a patch. You can also copy the customer.js file to a new release tree.

  3. Open the customer.js file in a text editor (Windows format).
  4. To enable the tab, change the value of the IHTab_Custom.fVisible() function to “true”.

  5. Set the name of the tab to an appropriate title, like “Company_name Processes” or “Company_name Information,” by changing the value of the IHTab_Custom.fSetTitle() function.

  6. Add content to the custom tab area using the examples in the customer.js file. You can group your sets of links into different topics. Within those topics, you can create lists of links in a scrollable box or create them as individual links. Use the comments in the file to help you create these links.

  7. Save the customer.js file and open any InfoHub within this software tree and click the “custom” tab to view the example entries. Sometimes you may need to reload the InfoHub to force the JavaScript in the customer.js to be re-read by the browser.